Sunday, 23 June 2013


Knackered this weekend - spend most of yesterday asleep, apart from a period of wakefulness that I spent in the cinema. Tempted to repeat the exercise today - but at over a tenner, the cinema is far too expensive - so I'll stay at home instead.

I went to see World War Z, which was a bit pants, I was curious to see a film that had cost an obscene amount of money - was a year late, had been extensively re-shot and re-edited, and and had been criticised for deviating totally from the original book. I was expecting a mess, I was right. The first 20 mins - a more 'traditional' zombie film - were ok, quite good, even - but after that, just nonsense. It really did feel like they were making it up as they go along, and if something wasn't working - throw money at it. The last half hour, set in Cardiff (yeah - really) felt like a TV movie and was beyond parody - the whole point of dystopian movies - there is no happy ending, you are supposed to leave the cinema with an overwhelming sense of hopelessness, Brad Pit does NOT save the world... with a coke can. To be fair - he's not a bad actor, but he's rubbish in this - doing no more than staring blankly at the camera and wondering what to do next. It's a bit bollocks, really.

The weather has been rubbish. Cold, wet and very windy - like November. Not exactly mid summers of yore - but fairly typical of recent years - exactly the same as last year.

There seem to be a lot of people in Hastings with facial tattoos all of a sudden.

Hot on the heels of the drunk woman leaving the house at the end of the road ( apparently - the landlord was so desperate to get rid of her - he paid the deposit on her new flat ) - the weird family of strange feral children and random adults from the other side of the street have done a runner - there are people stripping the house out - even removing all the internal doors.

The couple who live behind me have had some work done on their house - because they are about 10 feet higher than me at the back of my terraced garden - the view over the top of my house from their new kitchen window is fantastic - but it really reminds me that I need the back of the house painted.

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