Monday, 20 May 2013

Monday Morning

In the studio - very rainy day, very overcast. Spending the day catching up. Feeling pretty washed out and tired today - probably going to finish at about 4pm and wander home for another early night.

Did very little over the weekend - too knackered. Met a friend and her little boy at the Pelican Cafe and had hot dogs on Sunday - enjoyed that. I saw my neighbour (at the back), we share a garden wall, she's an X student) - she finally had her baby - the midwife was late and it came so fast she had it at home, delivered by her husband.

last night I finally got round to watching Shortbus. It's been out for a few years now, plenty of drama when it was first released because of the graphic presentation of 'real' rather than simulated sex. I actually found it funny, warm, human and very intelligent. In fact - it was a great film and I loved it - not what I was expecting at all. Te first 10 mins has enough sex to clear the audience of anyone who will have issues - and then it really calms down. The thing is - there is so much unrealistic, glossy, Hollywood sex on TV and cinema - that the 'real' thing, with 'real' people - in the context of 'real' stories - made it OK - you don't even notice it any more, and frankly - there isn't actually that much. all the characters are like able, all the issues and problems they face turn out to be realistic and human - and there are some spectacular jokes. It was a proper 'grown up' film for 'grown ups'.

Lots to do this week. My house looks like something off a documentary about the people who clean up after dead bodies are found. Should really get a handle on it.

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