Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wednesday morning post number 2

20 years ago today I was about 500 yards away from the Bishopsgate Bomb, I was watching TV news and eating something - probably muesli, It broke some of the windows ( my flat fortunately faced away from the blast ) but as I ran out onto the balcony, I was able to watch as debris, pieces of metal and timber fell over the city - and shortly after, a fine snow of particles of insulation material fell all over the house. My neighbours joined me - some had been asleep and were in their pyjamas - and we just stood and stared as the cloud grew over London. It was the most surreal experience - large areas of the city were closed and policemen started carrying machine guns. The damage was visible for about a year from quite a distance.

I was at the same spot a few weeks ago, There is no trace now.

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