Saturday, 1 December 2012


Day off, and I needed it. Up early - did stuff at home, went into town and did a few jobs. Had a call on my mobile from my bank, they were about to suspend my account due to suspicious activity - not ideal. Apparently it's because I tried to buy something online but couldn't pay for it because it would only accept credit cards and not debit cards. Had to sort that out.

Tried to buy a copy of 'Lars and the Real Girl' at HMV - but they only sell action films and Deep Throat.

I'm catching up on a few things on iPlayer. Not having had a telly for a couple of years - I'm watching things like The Culture Show and HIGNFY - and I'm shocked at how much people have aged. There are a couple of stupid women n The Review Show who are really pissing me off - including a woman being very dismissive about the Valentino collection at Somerset House and saying things like "Oh my God, I'm just not interested in 'fashion' - that might shock you" - well, yes, it does, considering how much time she has taken getting ready, her hair is like the eighth wonder. They are now talking shite about Micheal Jackson.

The host of HIGNFY is a 26 year old comedian who is so self assured, confident and at ease with himself, he's frightening - where did that all come from? Actually - when you read his Wiki entry, it's pretty clear. I think I was about 30 before I could enter a room full of strangers without shaking - he was probably a successful networker at nursery school.

I picked up a really lovely grey wool and cashmere crombie for 30 quid, handy - as I tried on my black crombie yesterday and realised I'd bought it when I was at least a stone heavier.

I have to work tomorrow - and work in Brighton on Monday - potentially a bit of time off at the end of the week.

I'm supposed to go to a house warming party later in The Old Town - I loathe parties, I'm still debating the wisdom. Someone I know is at the first Xmas works party of the year - at a Holiday Inn, shudder.

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