Sunday, 2 December 2012


Very cold last night, still frosty now.

Went to a house party last night - managed a whole hour. Nice people, but it's just something I've never been very good at, found it quite stressful. There were a lot of very young, very good looking, people wh seemed to be in another world - incredibly confident and at ease with themselves. I felt very old.

Alfie greyhound has developed a very strange behavioural quirk - he refuses to go to bed unless I've made it for him, and tuck him in - and when I'm out of the house - he pulls all the bedding out and moves it around the house. As I have bare floorboards his constant padding about is pretty wearing.

I noticed on the way home that almost everyone here has a fully decorated house - as if they are willing Xmas to come early. Quite a few people I now are already overdrawn.

News states that not a single violent cime reported in New York City on Monday, 20 year record. No news about Tuesday.

I've read all the papers - and found nothing interesting whatsoever.

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