Friday, 30 November 2012

Friday a.m - posted p.m

Very cold morning - lots of ice - house actually quite warm, thanks to all that extra insulation. Nice, crisp dog walk. Alfie wearing his coat - which always makes him frisky.

Worked in Brighton yesterday - 2 cancelled trains on the way there - took 2 hours. Odd journey, to my shock and surprise, I was propositioned at Lewes station at 8am - that's not happened to me since an incident on the London Underground 25 years ago - which could more accurately have been described as attempted rape, but that was then. Oddly flattered, I think…

Worked really hard yesterday - came home very tired and very wired. Took ages to get to sleep - spent most of the night watching youtube videos and subscribing to film streaming services  Mubi is looking very good with a month free at the moment.

Not quite sure where Cameron gets off by thinking that he can commission a report and then dismissing the most important parts - like some kind of despotic emperor, kinda emphasises the need for more regulation, not less. Rather impressed by Clegg 'growing a pair'almost - and amused by the whimpering that follows - Tories conveniently forgetting they didn't actually win the section, again.

Watched an episode of MasterChef from earlier in the week - Sea Urchins, I ask you… NOBODY needs to eat Sea Urchins, and even the chef's described them as 'acquired taste' ( meaning vile - but pretentious and trendy ) - It's just culinary tourism - and frankly, bait pathetic. I would have loved one of the contestants to just say no - that's absurd, there is NO NEED to kill and eat a sea urchin. There never has been. Mind you - I think that over on the other channel they are broadcasting public humiliation and people watching failed TV personalities eat live insects - it must be what people want.

The Manning trial rumbles into gear - depressing reading. 

I like the new style iTunes, it's great - Interface design has occasionally been a weak point with Apple

I caught up with this last night - couple of people I know in this film - I took about 6 months off in 2002 to go on almost every date of a Morrissey tour, had a fantastic time - but wouldn't do it again - it's depressing to see everyone get old.

Working at home today - loads to get on with over the next week or so - then hopefully a short break. I have to do 'xmas' stuff for a client - there is already a tight knot in my stomach.

Talking of Xmas - had a telephone conversation with a close friend last night stressed out by the implications of arranging public Xmas trees and carol concerts for a well know charity, the health and safety implications of a free standing fir tree are limitless - and frightening.

Hastings has hit the world stage recently because of the 'Chesney Hawkes' scandal - apparently 'people' have been unhappy that he was selected to turn on our (shite) Xmas lights. I honestly think it's a story made up by the Daily Mail - seriously, they are talking about it on The Today program right now. Bollocks.

Woman on the radio talking about Leveson to John Humphries - have an urge to smash the radio.

I used to select my home and contents insurance earlier this year - the post an just delivered a stuffed Meercat to the house as a 'reward'… not that keen - I expect the dogs will have fun with it.

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