Sunday, 13 August 2017


I'm spoiling you with two posts a week.

went to work today. Didn’t really want to - but I had stuff that needed peace and quiet and Sunday is the best time. I was in the studio at about 10 past nine. I walked past the central Yates’s bar on the way in, there were people sitting outside drinking pints of lager. At 9am. On a Sunday. I don’t understand any of that.

By about lunchtime I’d done perhaps half of what I needed. Then it all went wrong, I was told anecdotally that the contact I have been dealing with on a large project (that has been dragging on for a while but is quite high profile) - has resigned and left. It is quite a lot of money, also - I have a suspicion they have not formalised the project with their managers and I am going to find it very hard to convince them to pay me or even continue with the project. This happened once about 15 years ago with Habitat and it took nearly 2 years to get paid. I really need that money - and I have been putting projects to one side and turning stuff down because it has been so complicated and time consuming. I was so pissed off I came home and went to bed for 2 hours. I’ve woken up with a  really bad headache now.

When I woke up - I could hear raised voices outside. We have a new neighbour. He rents a large house opposite. He has 2 small cars and 2 ‘4 by 4’ types and goes out at weekends somewhere rural and brings back a lot of mud that he never clears off the road or pavement. He’s very selfish and parks on the grass and clogs up the street. He was shouting at another neighbour because this guys car was parked too close to his.The other neighbour is about 75 and has a tiny Micra (he’s also a milkman with an actual milk float), I had to stand at the window waiting in case it all got out of hand and I needed to intervene - it went on and on and on for about an hour.

I’m incredibly tired and incredibly pissed off. I’m hoping that this week the mortgage thing goes through without too much drama - but I’m not banking on it. I have another really good reason for ending it to go through smoothly and without any distraction - but I’ll talk about that later.

The events in America this weekend have left me feeling sick and angry. I have fallen out with quite a few people over the last year because of this and things like it - in particular the trendy, middle class idiocy of people on the smug left who moaned that they didn’t want Hillary but were prepared to accept Trump instead. This is all as much their fault as anyone else’s.

It’s hot and sunny outside, I’m going to have pasta and ten get an early night - next week looks rubbish already.

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