Monday, 6 March 2017

Monday 6th

Sorry about the break - I have been fantastically busy with work and it's been taking up all of my time. Rumours of my demise are exaggerated - although an aquaintance who runs a very large Facebook group is dealing with some fool who has reported that he died on holiday - people are very strange.

I have been working incredibly hard, not sleeping particularly well, that happens sometimes, and trying to keep my head above water until the weather gets better.

I still haven't fixed the fridge, I still have a rodent problem at the back of the house - but I now know that it is the cause of the feral cat fascination with the kitchen, and I probably need a few days off. I've been working at weekends.

I'll try and get my head together this week and update properly - if I can get my memory to work the way it's supposed to.

Having slightly more daylight every day is an incredible joy, believe me!

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Anonymous said...

good to see you are all right & yes, leaving work at 5 p.m. into daylight is heartening ... Anne in Cambridge

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