Thursday, 9 February 2017


Long day - running on empty. Had a catch up with my mate who got married in Boston 2 weeks ago. Lovely to see him. Bought him poached egg on toast as a wedding present. Todays classic spellchecker accident - computer changed 'tangerine' to 'tangerine' - I didn't notice until too late. It also changed 'went to bed' - 'to wet the bed' (I went to bed with my socks on last night because it was cold and woke up still wearing my cycle clips)

I'm trying to get an appointment with a mortgage specialist next month - he's highly recommended - to try and work out what to do next. Kinda clutching at straws there - all I really need is a consistent, reliable income.

As an aside to my last post - I know quite a few people in publishing, many of whom worked 'properly' with TPT and all of whom (and they are generally not very charitable types) thought a great deal her - one posted this on Facebook. It's incredibly sad.

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