Saturday, 11 February 2017


A day at home, freezing cold all day - woke up to about an inch of snow and a few hours of sleet. Deeply unpleasant.

Came face to face with the thing living in the space behind the plasterwork. It's much bigger than I expected, and bolder. It's certainly not a mouse. I could do without this.

Last night I went out for a drink with a client and met up with people we both new. I had forgotten my wallet so I needed to borrow a tenner from the bar downstairs. I really enjoyed it. I used to work with one of them 25 years ago and another - who I didn't know, recognised my name for a photographic book credit. It was very nice to be out with people, I'd do it more often but it's expensive and I don't enjoy drinking now.

I'm going to be in London on Monday so I'll be in the studio all day tomorrow. I have a 'date' with my two oldest friends - I went to school with both of them and although we seldom meet we are in almost daily contact via social media. We all 'escaped' from Wales and did something with our lives so we have that bond. One has a PHD and a BAFTA, the other is head of drama at the top private girls school in the UK. They are both happily married and have very high achieving children. I'm looking forward to it - but not the cost of traveling and anything I spend on the day - but I'm under strict instructions not to bale out.

Work is going really well and I'm getting good reactions from people - part of me is quite confident that things are improving but I'm really having too work at it - very little continuity or stability. I'm going to change my website in a couple of weeks and try and get more time to market myself and push some new work. There are some money issues in the background that are really worrying me but I'll think about them in the studio tomorrow - I'm too tired today and I need to sleep tonight.

Last night I had a conversation with someone I know who has a very large, very nice house - and an interest only mortgage on 1.5% - he pays about £150 per month. I dream about things like that - the value of their house has rocketed and he's able to spend money on it. I know several people in the same lucky situation. Came away feeling a bit doomed.


Anne Roy said...

'The Thing Behind The Plasterwork' ... are not dogs not interested in this creature?

I am sure you house has also increased in value ... you are not doomed! unless of course 'The Thing Behind The Plasterwork' decides to emerge to take REVENGE!

Anne in Cambridge (the U.K. one)

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

The house has value - but much more if I can put some money into it, however, making the best use of that value is quite a difficult thing. I need to work on that.

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