Sunday, 22 January 2017

What a week

Listening to Trump's inauguration speech on Friday made my blood run cold. What a vile man. What a lot of shit we have found ourselves in. I'm trying be to be positive about things but struggling a bit with that one.

I've been working really hard and doing my best to keep my head, had a bit of a panic attack about money earlier today - nothing major, I have a feeling I'm going to have trouble getting paid by a difficult client.

It's been phenomenally cold - way beyond what I'm used to. I have to wear two pairs of socks in bed.

My friend Ester has started writing a blog about her cancer treatment - I think we are supposed to call it a 'journey' now. I'm not sure I will be able to keep up. Years ago I followed a blog (written by someone who lives nearby) as she struggled with a different kind of cancer. It didn't end well.

In other news, my friends John and Rachel got married yesterday in Boston, Mass. As the huge women's march passed by. The pictures are great.


Steerforth said...

I'm already fed up with all the Trump-related posts on Twitter and Facebook. Yes, he's horrible, but I don't want to be reminded of it several dozen times a day. I'm tempted to leave Twitter and just stick to videos of chimps on ice.

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

I'm afraid I'm probably guilty of uncontrolled ranting on social media over the last few days. Alas - the dogs ignore me and I haven't got to the stage where I talk to the furniture yet.... yet.

tijgertje said...

I'm talking to the furniture. let me know if you come to NYC.

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