Wednesday, 25 January 2017


I'm supposed to be at an event tonight - I did the publicity. I'm too tired, too broke and not in a people mood. I'll get it in the neck tomorrow.

I have a  lot to do at work but clients are making it quite difficult and dragging their heels - so I'm running around in circles a lot. It's really frustrating. I had a call about quite a big piece of work for a 'name' retailer - and spoke to their representative. They were due to call me back today, but didn't. Nobody is paying their bills - so I can't pay mine.

The whole Trump descent-into-madness thing is really stressing me out. And we'e no better over here.

Esther will have had her surgery today, I believe it went well. I had a chat with her husband about being a vegetarian the other day as they have moved to a plant based diet. Their kids don't like it at all and it's a struggle for them - but they are quite motivated.

It's been really, really cold all week. Proper freezing fog and heavy 'ice storm' style frosts.

I bought a brand new Hugo Boss white shirt in Oxfam for £2 yesterday. It's quite beautifully made. The day before I bought a beautiful navy blue linen shirt for the same price, it's a medium. I've lost a bit of weight.

Mary Tyler Moore has died. I used to watch stuff she was in when I was a kid at home - made me want to run away to New York - I was a big fan of the opening credits to Rhonda - but I had no idea what it was about. I would have been about 11. She had remarkable teeth, quite beyond anything I've ever seen since. Oddly enough - that's one thing I noticed about Debbie Reynolds too - they were real, and very well looked after.

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