Wednesday, 7 December 2016


I am sitting down today. First time in 3 weeks. I'm not particularly comfortable but I need to crack on with work and stuff.

Yesterday I had 3 meetings, the first one was very good - a complex brief that takes me out of my comfort zone. The next was with someone I suspect may be out of their depth and will end up distancing myself from them in the long term and the final was less to do with work and more peripheral, but was also very good. At no point did I make a fool of myself.

A client who owes me money has gone very quiet on me and another has vanished off social media. I'm very keen to tie up as many loose ends as possible and finish this year by emphatically taking it outside and beating it to death. It's been really, really shit. I'm going to have to get all that money in or I'll be in trouble.

A job I didn't take because of conflict of interest has been completed by using a piece of work I did for their architect as a favour, months ago, without telling me. That's typical. Two episodes of being ripped off in one week. I found Monday an incredibly depressing day - apart from being in quite a bit of pain, it all seemed a bit pointless. I've had nothing but grief this year, both at home and in the wider world - I just wanted to spend the day in bed. Bit more chirpy now but really keen on just drawing a line under 2016 and hoping for the best. I have a choice between spending xmas fretting or just hitting the party side hard and waiting until the new year to pick up the pieces. That's what everyone else does. I suspect that, once again - I'll just go home for 3 weeks and pretend it never happened.

I'm supposed to go to the guy who is dealing with my back on Friday - dreading it already, and the cost.

My computer screen is back and I'm working on both screens at the moment - it's not the way I usually like to work, I might give it a couple of weeks but I expect I'll be taking the spare screen home for xmas.

It's unseasonably warm, and damp. But ridiculously dark.

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