Friday, 18 November 2016


I'm patiently waiting for a couple of clients to get back to me so I can carry on with urgent work - generally feedback comes at the last possible moment. Today seems no exception.
It's already dark outside and it isn't even lunch time yet. We are anticipating 60MPH winds on Sunday and driving rain. I'd better batten down the hatches.

The Oxfam shop has been shut for a few days - I saw earlier that it was open again and popped in. Came out with two Ben Sherman Shirts, a very good Old Navy jumper and a brand new 'premium line' Paul Smith jacket - throw in a couple of 1960's Punch magazines and I came out with change from a tenner. The reason for the closure was apparently (I overheard a woman behind the till talking in hushed tones) because of a 'catastrophic' toilet failure 'upstairs' that had been very traumatic for everyone. I didn't hang around for details.

It's Christmas in Hastings now - the lights are on - the crapy town Xmas tree is up and already leaning over and there are badly strung up lights everywhere. It's too early.

The building work next door is so noisy it's almost impossible to work - which is why I'm writing this. Two different jackhammers, a power drill and demolition work 10 feet away. It's getting silly now - one of the builders saw me yesterday - I gave him  a dirty look and he apologetically insisted that they will be done by March. There is also a compressor out there now.

They are building a couple of new Groynes on the beach - giant piles of granite boulders brought in on a barge are being laid out by machinery.

I'm going to try and do some house stuff tomorrow - I have a 'specialist' coming on Tuesday to try and convince me that the house has subsidence - not looking forward to that. I think I need to let some furniture go - good stuff, just too big for the house. I've been putting it off for a couple of years. Must die the bullet. I'm also planning on making a slow cooked Pasta sauce. Amazing how small my life has become.

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