Thursday, 20 October 2016


It’s been a long and eventful week - and quite stressful - hence the silence.

As an aside - we have LED street lighting where I live - which is great, I love it - but walking the dogs in the dark mornings and evenings is a nightmare  - as I can never see where they have ‘been’ and it’s let to a few accidents already - I’ll start carrying a hand sanitiser. I also HATE the dark mornings - I wear mismatched clothes and socks and more than once have been to work in odd shoes or with my jumper inside out - I don’t see my house in daylight now until the weekend - it’s depressing.

My stress levels over the last couple of weeks have been pretty high - I was approached and ask to be course leader of a design degree with an almost immediate start - (Monday, actually) but after some digging about and some straight questions - I found that it would never really have been the job they described, the money would have been terrible, it wasn’t something I could ‘fix’ - no matter how hard I worked - and the politics would have been immense. I would probably have to turn down more work than I could afford (It’s a Part Time position) and ended up financially much worse off. I also think I was being taken advantage of, because people are used to me bailing them out and saving their bacon. Getting a bit pissed off with that now. My finances are a disaster and I have very little money coming in - but I’m not prepared to ruin my health and mental state to paper over the cracks of someone else’s disasters.

All this week I have slept badly and eaten rubbish as a result of the stress and uncertainty , should have been a clue to me that it was really a non starter. I would have loved to do the job they described - but that wasn’t the reality. Not even close.

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