Monday, 10 October 2016


Last week was long and hard - but good.

I did some bar work and managed 12 hour studio days - it’s now that time of year when I no longer see the house in daylight. Work is going well and I’m getting by. The packaging I designed for Dyke and Dean has arrived and it looks fantastic - really happy with all that. Additionally, I designed a brand for a kids character accessories range called ‘Glitzy Glamour Puss’ - 2 degrees and 20 years experience - and hell yes, I’m proud of this.

Some of the packaging inshore

On Saturday - I went to a wedding, sort of - I was invited, but I usually hate weddings and nobody likes single people at events like that - I’d have had a very depressing time and probably got drunk - it was the son of the couple who own the building I work in - and the bar below - I work with him quite a bit - he’s one half of Dyke and Dean, and his girlfriend, who was one of my students a few years ago. Her dad played bass for David Bowie and her mum was a model who can be seen in the Film Tommy as The Queen Of Hearts.  Additionally, when her dad left music he went into carpet fitting, became the ‘carpet fitting king’ and even ended up being the first contractor in the real ‘Hotel Rwanda’ after the conflict. So, as a compromise - I ran the downstairs bar for them - the wedding being split over 2 floors - they actually got married in the alleyway outside, creating an actual church with aisles, an alter etch and a grass floor - with a lot of shrubbery and lovely lighting. It was probably the best wedding ever - a really happy occasion with a lot of very, very happy people. The grooms mother - who is a great friend - cried for about 4 hours straight. In a good way. I think everyone cried at some point. The bar was absurdly busy - I worked from 2pm until midnight. Best day’s work I have every done. Including the part where the bride claimed over the bar to kiss me. They are two of my favouite people - so for one, a happy ending.

We’ve already been talking about xmas drinks in the studio. We’re having a ‘bonding’ drink on Wednesday.

The weather is still fantastic - cooler - but the sun is still there. It's bonfire night here on Saturday.

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Letterslive said...

A splendid week!
May the next be as good.

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