Wednesday, 27 July 2016

I’ve just been to Aldi. As I was stacking everything onto the conveyor a bag of cereal split open and went everywhere. Ate this point, despite being asked not to by the cashier - half the store insisted on queueing up behind me, people are quite stupid.

Work is driving me mad, one piece in particular is pushing me over the edge into despair.

Last night I met up with someone who is starting a business venture and asked for help, it’s a really interesting concept - there is no money in it, but it will be ‘good for me’. There is one thing I might get out of it that I will refer to at a later date.

After about 2 weeks of feeling seriously unwell, I have made a stunning recover by cutting out bread and milk. No longer tired, depressed, bloated, dizzy or disorientated. I bought Almond milk earlier to see if it works with cereal. I ad been lying in bed at night, unable to concentrate or sleep, despite being exhausted - seriously wondering if I had cancer, MS or Motor neurone disease. The breaking point was when I fell asleep at my desk at about 11am. I do feel a lot better already.

I’m working tonight at the bar and on Saturday night as a doorman again. I have quite a lot of difficult work to do, none of it paid properly. My finances are starting to fall apart again - just not enough money coming in to cover the costs of everything and get ahead.

Small dog managed to piss i the house 6 times yesterday, once while I was mopping the floor.

The people behind me who painted the back of their house Parma Violet have now erected a huge wooden fence. I’m delighted.

On Friday, I am going to the De La Warr pavilion to see John Grant. On my own. It’s the last night of his current tour so hopefully there will be a special guest. Alas - I am seated in the balcony - the only tickets I could get. It is my birthday present to myself.

Most of the studio have decided that Trump is going to be the next president of the United States. I have no idea what’s wrong with the world.

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Anne Roy said...

Excellent giving up dairy & gluten. I have MS (caught my eye when you mentioned it)& when I got my dx (1998) I gave up dairy, gluten & flesh foods! Yes, I am a gluten free vegan BUT I am still prancing around everywhere, working full time etc.
We used to hold up wallpaper back in the day with flour & water.
So, if you are feeling better by easing dairy etc. out of your life all to the good. Rice Dream is good, I used it a lot. Kind regards, Anne in Cambridge (the U.K. one)

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