Sunday, 6 March 2016


I worked yesterday - I have a client who needs their hand held and it's wearing me out.

It's very cold, very frosty, but there is more daylight. Last night, a small sinkhole opened up outside my mates house in Old Town hastings - causing much amusement and chaos. It's been filled but according to his girlfriend has already started sinking.

A change in washing powder has resulted in full body eczema, something I could have done without.

The house across the road from me that was ridiculously over-priced has actually sold. I'm astonished by this - and delighted. The potential to actually make a small amount of money on this place is all that's keeping me going. Work is still a bit rough, but it's that time of year.

I was supposed to go to an event with a theremin player yesterday - in a venue with no heating. I decided against it. I am also invited to something later in the same place - I already feel cold just thinking about it. I want to stay home and clean the house.

My website is going live next week. I have re-written the 'about me' section about 30 times now - it keeps getting shorter.

I bought this Vans quilted jacket in Oxfam yesterday - it was a fiver, it was brand new, still had the label on. I think a lot of men buy stuff online and can't be bothered to return stuff that they are not happy with - I'm not complaining - it's makes a great cycling jacket.

There is quite a lot happening in Hastings at the moment - and we are about top go into 'Green Man' season. They have been re-building part of the seafront attractions and making improvements - the pier opens soon and there have been a raft of other improvements like the skate park. I hope we have a decent summer - I need cheering up - everyone does.

My biggest worry at the moment is my bay window - I'm convinced it's going to fall down. I'm dreading having to try and find the money. I'm sure you can guess which one it is.

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