Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sunday Night

It was a cold but very bright and sunny day - you could actually feel the warmth of the sun on your face so I took the dogs for a long walk - longest in quite some time - all around the country park - it was the first time in nearly a year - I was out of it for 6 months after the accident and I hate walking in the mud so I usually avoid the park in the winter. I really enjoyed it - so did the dogs, they are exhausted. A lot of birdsong which also cheered me up and took my mind off  my eczema, which is frankly making my life a misery. I walked up Barley lane - the Country Park is coming back to life now - blossom starting and everything starting to turn green again, just shoots and buds now but the promise is there.

It gave me the time to think about last week. I've been so lucky that there has been very little death in my life, as I get older I know that it's going to be more frequent - but it's upset me more than I expected, I knew it was coming, but - and I'm sure everyone says this - I thought we would have more time.

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