Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Death bed update

I'll be able to leave the house tomorrow - today is my 'sick/well' buffer zone. Yesterday I was still a bit delirious and couldn't really cope with anything more challenging than making a cup of tea.

I know it's absurd and you probably think I'm playing the 'man-flu' card - but I've never had anything like this in my life. Andy at the studio had the same thing and his wife took him to A&E on Saturday night. Stomach cramps are nearly gone and my head is less cloudy - really feeling the cold and sweaty still, head pains and fever subsiding now. Actually started to sleep properly yesterday as well - so I'm looking forward to getting back to life.

I have to go to London for Hannah's funeral on Thursday so basically - this whole week  is a write off now and I should just come to terms with it. I have some work to do, I need a haircut and I have to make sure I have a black suit in decent condition and sort out my shirt and tie.

I have been asked to contribute a small piece to a design magazine, I need to do that today - and sort out some money and admin, and complete a piece of work for a client who is driving me mad.

Facebook has reminded me that 5 years ago today we had a foot of snow.

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