Friday, 12 February 2016

Connah's Quay

I was brought up here - the salvation army rally is almost exactly in front of my house. I found these by accident - I'm not being maudlin. I have never once, not ever, felt any nostalgia about this place. I think I would have been about 8 or 9 when these photographs were taken - possibly younger. It looks like 100 years ago - but it's actually about 40. The bizarre photo with the doll is from the local technical college - they also built the dummy Hawker Hunter and had the artificial ski slope. The rotten jetty is almost 400 years old and tea clippers were once built there - including part of the Cutty Sark. I'll never go back.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures, lots of 'atmosphere', as it were. Like you say looks like another world but it shouldn't do. Thanks for posting them.

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