Wednesday, 27 January 2016


I went to see The Revenant. I actually really enjoyed it - the sound and cinematography were astonishing - you could hear the snowflakes fall. It was very beautiful to watch. The cast were all good and the economy of the narrative worked well - I didn't take anything away with me and I'm not a huge DiCaprio fan - but he was good. It will probably win a lot of Oscars - it was naturalistic without being stylised - but as I said, I didn't take much away. Earlier in the week I saw The Martian - I've seen it twice now. Aside from missing parts of the plot, which seemed to make no real sense - it was another very good film, lovely to look at.. but I can't stand Matt Damon, he's so boring. Totally lifeless.

I've had a lot to do this week - making progress, a piece of unexpected work has turned up that I'll have some fun with. I wrote a pitch for a really good job - took me 2 days. I'm actually quite pleased with it. I expect they will hate it.

I made a Mexican bean casserole from scratch this week - I paid a grat deal of attention to the recipe. To my amazement - it actually came out OK, in fact. It was very good... just a bit spicy.

The number of times small dog manages to wee in the house daily has now started to nudge double figures. She tried to dig another hole in the mattress again yesterday - I've not been upstairs since I came in today - just in case - I don't know what I'll find.

It's been raining almost constantly. Grey drizzle, lots of wind and cold - but manageable - no need for heating. I'm counting myself lucky.

In other news - it's been announced that the University of Brighton may pull higher education from Hastings, This would be an absolute fucking disaster for the town in every way. I really do hope it's just a bullying tactic to get their own way on something.

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