Thursday, 28 January 2016


Cold, dry but bright.

Within 15 mins of returning from a dog walk, small dog had left about 2 pints of piss on the dining room floor - I have no idea where it all comes from - much more comes out than goes in. (She's not diabetic - we've checked on that)

Waiting at home for a client to call about a 'secret' project - I have already had 3 sales calls from recorded voices.

Had to deal with a badger stampede last night - outside the house in the dark at 10pm - 3 badgers running up the hill - 2 running down - me trying to control two hysterical dogs. No fun.

Once I've finished here I have a lot to do today, I just want this week to be over - it's gone on too long already.

Have had 3 text messages and 2 emails this week about paying outstanding tax - just general reminders  - and one call from a woman who spoke very poor English threatening me with enforcement action. I have to call them back tomorrow - I'll probably do this from home - which means taking the day off.

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