Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Another gap.

Sorry..... again, still struggling to remember what happens half the time. Once I've finished with work I'm usually too tired to do anything.

In short - lots has happened and I've been very busy. They are coming to fix the fences next week - which will cost me money, and I have a lot of bills to pay. I managed to sell 3 (of 4) pieces of work at a show - but I was very cheap.

In other news -

Here is an article about the rebrand of the De La Warr pavilion logo by one of the companies I work with. My only real contribution to this project was a bit of layout and cycling to the DLWP to get some samples approved. Clare says nice things about hastings in here.

Here is an article about the rebuilding of the structure literally next door to my studio - I'm OK with this.

Small dog is incredibly incontinent now - it really doesn't bother her at all - always the same when it gets cold.

I'm really looking forward to Xmas - shutting the door for 2 weeks and getting some sleep - I've been having really bad nightmares again - don't need that.

My best friend has a retrospective at the ICA coming up - if you are in London, details are here

And here is a picture of me smiling - that's actually the bad side of my face - mouth is still really wonky but it's getting there (I'm on the extreme left - I wish I still had as much hair as Scott..)

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