Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tuesday Evening

Hospital was fine, I suspect that even the consultant was a bit surprised at how well I've done - that's it from them now - still have a few lumps and bumps in my face from the haematoma and I'm still stiff and numb on one side - but it's getting better al the time.

While I was waiting a neighbour turned up with their sun to see the dental consultant. She's very 'Hasting' and looks like a slightly more weird Anita Pallenburg. As they were waiting to see the X-ray people, she said to him "before you tell me to shut up - I'm just saying that X-Rays destroy your aura"

Walked home but decided not to go into work. Wasn't in the mood really - my head was full f other stuff. There was a knock on the door shortly after I arrived home. It was an estate agent - 'in the area'. Apparently properties are moving fast here now and I could 'sell quickly at a premium" I said no. I said no. I should have just asked him to write a check and walked into the distance. A house around the corner identical to mine facing a main road has just ben 'done up' and is on the market for 179k - that's far too much. Mine will only sell to a builder who wants to gut and extend it. I'll lose my shirt, again. There are two houses on the market on my old street in Brighton - one for £750k, one for £800k. I have a lot of sleepless nights over that one.

It's still nice out, but much colder.

I watched the AN Wilson film about Larkin earlier - it was very good indeed. Wilson was also excellent - the 2nd half was even better - and didn't shrink Larkin's less palatable opinions or actions.

My best comedy' action at the moment is to cheerfully ask for a plastic bag in a shop and see how the staff react - usually with resignation or by collapsing under the weight of all the abuse they have taken this week. Listening to smug, self-important, middle-class twats argue for a free plastic bag is hilarious and depressing.


Anne Roy said...

If you are queried as to why you want a bag, told that you might need to pay for a bag you can always smile & tell them that they are destroying your aura ...

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

I'm always quite happy to explain why I need a bag.. as a dog owner - in detail

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