Monday, 7 September 2015


I'm in work early, waiting for a client to feedback so I can plan my week properly - I don't like surprises.

I've found myself without a specific type of adapter to connect an iMac to a spare screen - it's excruciating - trying to match up old style adapters with complicated male/female connections to hardware that probably doesn't match anyway.

I watched about 35 - 40 mins of Lady Chatterley's Lover last night. It was boring beyond belief and drowning in incidental music. I ended up with a headache. I think they made about half of it up. It reminded me of a parody from something like The Fast Show.

I worked yesterday - managed to get a bit done, more than I usually manage on a Sunday.

On the way home I bumped into an old student. He was one of the strongest in his year and has been working full time for an agency towards Tunbridge Wells since graduation. He's also married with two small children already (he's about 25) and is just buying a new build house. It was good to see someone who had flourished after college - we had an interesting conversation about the industry and how things were going. Still can't get my head around him being so settled, so young.

Went to an outdoor film show on Saturday night. It was noticeably colder again - I can feel autumn.

At the bottom of my garden, the house behind me has a large tree which over hangs and blocks out quite a bit of light - but I like it and have no problems with it being there, however - it had a large wasps nest and I would rather avoid it. The family have small children, as do their neighbours. I thought about saying something but last time I told them that there was a large population of rats living under their shed that adjoins my fence - it ended up being awkward - I wasn't complaining - but I think they assumed that I was - so I've mentioned it in passing to their other neighbours and hope they deal with it.

I'm due to go to a meeting later today - a 'neighbours' engagement event to talk about the large development next door to my studio. Not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not.

Senile dog is being really hard work at the moment - it's like a canine version of 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf' at home. He also thinks it's dinner time about every 30 mins and won't take no for an answer (it's the only one he's getting)


Janis Goodman said...

Hope you're OK - post bike crash I now feel a silence from you is rather ominous! Best wishes

Anne Roy said...

You have not posted for well over a week ... hope all is relatively fret-free there & that something pleasant is causing no posts ...

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

Sorry Guys, just been busy - posting now.

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