Saturday, 19 September 2015

Back to the real world.

I went back to work 2 weeks ago - and as a result of dealing with my backlog, I've been at work 7 days - catching up. It's actually been OK - I've worked 3 weekends and managed to get most things done in good time but it's mostly taken up all my time. I have done quite a lot of really good work including te biggest piece of artwork I've ever done - 40 8'x4' artworks in full size including photographs that are 16' long, on a very steep hill, around a building in Muswell Hill. They are being printed now - it was quite a feat of endurance for both me and the computer processor.

Thanks to constant work I've done almost nothing else - except on Friday when I had a load of friends meet me in a bar to have the birthday I missed due to being ill etc, which was very nice - but quite hazy as I now have almost no capacity for alcohol whatsoever.

Feeling OK - trying to focus on work as much as possible, need to look at the money stuff this weekend and have a day off - one curious thing, I'm looking at getting some of my beard removed as it's growing into my scarred mouth from the repair work and causing me grief.

The house really needs cleaning and I still haven't plucked up courage to ride my new bike - but that will come. My concentration is fine at work but I'm still a bit spaced out - and my memory is terrible which has the advantage of absolving me of all social responsibility.

My local council originally stated that the would take 8 Syrian refugees over 5 years - later after an intervention by the labour leadership they bumped that up to approx 20 per year. As you can imagine there has been an outpouring of 'I'm not racist but... just saying' type comments on social media. People always let you down.

I seem to have caught a really bad cold. It's not the end of the world.

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