Sunday, 16 August 2015


I'd forgotten what an incredibly bad film 'I Am Legend' is.

Cleaned the house over the weekend - moved a few things about (and generally moved them back) - de-cluttered etc, all things most reasonable people think commonplace but a major investment of time and energy for me.

On the positive side, my sister and her family are coming to visit me on Friday and staying the night in Hastings. Her husband has family in Essex so it's quite a convenient arrangement. Really looking forward to seeing her. I've been able to borrow a flat on the seafront from a friend rather than spending a fortune on hotels during high season. Looking good all round.

Tried to get some exercise earlier - and then found I didn't have the strength to fold a cardboard box in half for the recycling, started getting irritable and frustrated.

The COOP is closed for refurbishment, meaning I have to shop for essentials at Tesco - deeply depressing experience. They even have special lighting to make you look anemic.

Have managed to get hundreds of 'likes' on the Guardian Facebook page (and some abuse from UKIP voters) by making the bold but sensible statement that whoever wins the leadership election for the labour party - we will look back in 10 years and see that this was a very creative, exciting and positive time for the Labour movement. I do believe that. I have already said that I can only see Burnham still being a leader in 5 years if he wins - and I would like to see more young people coming to the fore, as in Scotland. I think that the biggest surge in support for Corbyn has been from the young, attracted to ideas rather than him - and they should be allowed to develop and grow in importance.

Earlier today an old student posted some Instagram photographs of the new apartment he's just moved into in Brooklyn. It's lovely - great furniture, everything perfect. He was a very strong student - hard working and really motivated, but not best designer I've ever taught - but his ambition knew no bounds. I'm really happy for him, this has only taken a couple of years and he used to work in a kitchen for a living. He's a nice bloke and easy to get on with - he deserves his success. Another friend has become quite a successful writer and I know a couple of other people who are starting to do things that interest them more than where they already find themselves. I'm starting to wonder where I am and what I'm really doing.

The most exciting thing I've done today is to start a wordplay game on Facebook. I need to get out more.

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