Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wednesday PM

Well, I went to Hospital in Eastbourne - I actually enjoyed the journey - Lou Lou, who took me, is great company. It took about 10 mins, 2 doctors (both very nice and very curious about the inside of my mouth) a nurse and a very important man who must be the head honcho of maxio facial to decide that I should wait until next week and he'll see me at a different hospital (In Hastings - annoyingly difficult to get to EXCEPT BY BIKE). I was seen very quickly, they were actually waiting for me already - but the amount of admin was really disproportionate to what was happening. I have also noticed that my Doctor would have hours more time to her day if she had a better PC interface to work with.

So - I still have a lip hanging off that leaks when I drink - but I'm in less pain and the infection is on the way out.

In other news - it appears that the insurance company are going to replace my bike - I only rang up expecting to be laughed at, and although my bike is insured anywhere in the world as long as it's locked, the fact that I was unconscious and it was technically in the care of the police, who have lost it - seems to have gone in my favour. I have to talk to them about details tomorrow.

As I am now 'on my own' for a few days - I may go to work for a couple of hours tomorrow, just to get back into the swing of things. I really want to stop taking these pain killers - I'm OK at home but I find it difficult to type and my conversation skills are zero - I either babble or forget my words. I'm lucky I have a fairly sophisticated correction program on my computer or this would be an incoherent mess.

I'm bored now - I want to get back to normal. I watched 'Intersteller' again last night and I thought it was rubbish. I might just watch something for pure entertainment later.

The old woman next door (Joan, about 90 - new hips, knees, wrists and 'leaky' feet) made a point of catching my eye and asking if I had been on holiday because 'she has noticed I've been in the house during the day) - just being nosey. I told her what had happened, everyone in the street will know by tomorrow.

It's about 7pm, I'm trying to decide if I should eat something or just go to bed. There is a big bunch of flowers in my dining room - I have no idea who brought them.

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