Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tuesday PM

Went to Hospital today. A little before I left the phone rang, it was my doctors surgery asking who my dentist was, and why had they refered me to the Maxio-Facial Clinic. Much confusion, my teeth are fine. I had intended to get the bus to the hospital - its about 3 miles and according to the online timetable - there is one that goes from the Village to the hospital every hour at just the right time. I'm sure that regular readers will remember I have a morbid fear of being on a bus. I've only been on about half a dozen in my adult life. I decided that I should try and beat this, after all - near death experience and all that - what's the worst that can possibly happen. Nothing, and nothing happened, it didn't come. Managed to get a cab there just in time and was then left waiting for over an hour, everyone was seen except me. There was a reason for this - tied into the call from earlier. They have lost my medical records. They are just somewhere in transit between the hospitals of Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings. What folowed was the consultant asking me a number of oblique questions in a desperate attempt to figure out why I was there. He should have just said something - it ended up like this;

"Ah yes - I remember you now, bicycle crash, front fork sheared off, carbon fibre frame, really nasty, yes - exact same thing happened to a senior house officer I had once. Of course, he died."

Actually after that it went fine. I've decided to leave it alone for 2 months - I look awful and nobody is going to consider kissing me but I can't face any more messing about or cutting and sewing. I have a droopy lip on one side, like I've had a small stroke. I'm just going to try and overcompensate in some way - I need to look forward.

I decided to walk home, I am determined to get back on my feet, and went into Aldi on the way home to buy some vegetables. I've been living on rubbish for nearly 3 weeks and have to put some weight back on. I was exhausted by the time I got home.

The phone rang, it was the company who have been appointed by my insurance companty to source a new bike for me. The first thing I did was appologise for when they rang me last week, when I was still on heavy meds and made no sense whatsoever - and then the same thing happened again and I totally forgot everything, I could remember that my bike was blue but I couldn't remember what it looked like. I had to keep telling the bloke that I was really sorry and I'd had a head injury but I kept forgetting things when I was stressed. I could tell he was a bit frustrated. I had to end the call because I was about to burst into tears.  Five minutes later a woman from my insurance compant rang and was incredibly sympathetic and helpful, by now I was in a bit of a state that I was coming across as quite stupid. I just need to put some information together for her over the next day or so and potentially find a photograph of my bike.

I then went to bed for 3 hours.

This evening I'm going to try and write a couple of letters - I feel a bit les disabled and part of me knows that I'm nearly there now. I found much amusement by reading the Daily Mail online review of "Life in Squares' - apparently there were many complaints about the contemporary lighting - people confused that modern lighting didint quite fit with the interiors of the early 20th Centuary - and also the plot, as people were actually forced to look people up on Wikepedia, as they hadn't head of them before. 

Dear Reader. when I watch anything factual on the telly - I look EVERYONE up on Wikepedia before, and after... I thought that was just common sense. It's not quite the same as a Janet and John book - I thought it was actually very skillfull, they managed to cram an imense amount of back story into a very short period without racing through and controlling the tone and mood really well. I loved the Timeslip thing at the end which was CLEARLY signposted by a rush of sunshine - although one person writing for the made the comment - "Why couldn't they shoot the whole thing in the garden" I have a really bad feling they are going to get a bit upset as I suspect the garden scene - which didn't include Virginia - is a set up to her suicide. They are going to be FURIOUS!

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