Thursday, 30 July 2015


The insurance rang and I'm going to be given £750 worth of replacement bike - I've been given credit at a supplier and they have been quite nice about things, I can take my time over tis one so I'll leave it to the weekend. I'm not getting involved in any conversations between them and the police.

Went to the literary salon last night - all I had to do was sit there for a couple of hours but I really enjoyed it and it was great to be out of the house. As a consequence I couldn't get up until 11am this morning - but I did catch sight of myself in the mirror and I was shocked at how well I looked. Even my lip is looking better, but I know understand what they mean about nerve damage on that side - it's quite different now and all moves strangely - mostly in the morning - it takes me about 2 hours to wake up properly.

The weather is a lot better, the dogs are happy to be outside sleeping on rugs and I'm slowly coming out of my fuge. Very keen to get back to real life, getting bored and frustrated. I think I might try and cook something decent tonight for dinner, or get something that I can taste - like perhaps a curry or something. Have quite a lot to catch up on and my brother is coming to visit me on Tuesday and staying in town. I'm supposed to be going to a local business meeting tonight but someone is going for me. Going to start loading up on vitamins to catch up and gear up for a return to work on Monday.

I think the dogs are getting very fond of me being at home all day.

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