Monday, 27 July 2015


Got up early - took my time and went into work from 10 - 12noon. Really surprised at how feeble I've become in the last couple of weeks, really out of condition. Being at work was fine, coming home up the hill was rubbish (I nearly got the bus, that bad) and I had to go to bed for a couple of hours. Both my arms really hurt It's clear from my clothes I've lost a lot of weight and the wound n my mouth is actually starting to embarrass me. I looks rubbish close to. I'm back in hospital tomorrow and I'll talk to them about it. That, and the fact that I can move a piece of bone about with my finger on my right cheek - I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that.

Very tired, bad tempered and frazzled this evening. I want this to be all over now and get back to normal. Emailed everyone and did some planning - hopefully back to work on Wednesday - I'm also due to help at an event in te evening. Nothing too strenuous - just making sure people get to the venue from the door.

I'm going to try and wind down a bit this evening - I wasn't expecting it to be quite this difficult - hopefully it will be better after today. I have to go to the hospital by bus tomorrow - I'll only get a cab back if I have anything invasive done. I still have not gone through my finances  I've been putting that off, not something I'm looking forward to doing.


Steerforth said...

You shouldn't be surprised by how feeble you've become. Your body has suffered a major trauma and it will probably take a good couple of months before you can expect to feel like your old self. You're convalescing and mustn't push yourself before the healing is over.

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

Yeah - I know - but they didn't factor being a self employed single income household into that one.

Steerforth said...

Ah yes...there's the rub, as they used to say.

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