Saturday, 25 July 2015


I went for lunch at a friends house yesterday - first time I've done anything like that in a couple if weeks, really needed to do it and enjoyed it very much. Have only 2 days of Anti-biotics left and have cut right down on the pain stuff, and my sleeping patterns seems to be returning to normal (I was starting to enjoy sleeping 18 hours a day - not great).

Yesterday afternoon it rained, quite heavily in the evening - according to social media this was probably the worst day to be alive since the creation of the earth. Still waiting for evidence of thousands of people washed away across the south if England. According to the news, - summer has been ruined.

Additionally, as more evidence of the infantilization of the UK public - we are all in imminent attack of giant, child eating seagulls. The newspapers and facebook are full of complete and total shite again.

Seagulls were here first. We feed them, we have a fishing fleet at the bottom of my raod that supplies them daily with fish heads and guts, we create perfect nesting sites for them, we create landfill sites for them to play on, we welcome tourists and daytrippers who throw food at them and we do everything we possibly can to encourage them - so as a result, they hang around. During the nesting season they are very protective of their chicks, obviously. I occasionally wear a crash helmet in the garden - it's just common sense. Foxes climb onto the roofs down here and steal the chicks and eggs - so the seagulls get agitated when they see dogs, reasonable. Suddenly Hastings is full of silly old idiots who demand a seagull cull, they are probably the same wankers who don't use seagull proof bags (like my neighbours) or get up early on Friday morning and see the streets full of torn and split bin bags waiting to be collected. People are such idiots.

Still can't lift my left arm or carry any weight, but the biggest scab on the side of my head has fallen off and I don't look too bad now - I'm even starting to live with my wonky lip. Now that the swelling has gone down there is clearly a chunk of bone on my cheek that is mobile - it's causing me any problems but I'll mention it at the hospital on Tuesday. Still a bit achey-painy but I am bored and frustrated now and want to get back to real life and get some exercise. I've lost over a stone - some of my better shirts actually fit quite well now. I'm not complaining.

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