Thursday, 11 June 2015

Yesterday and Today


Picked up some new work - however, I’m being paid in food. Yes, I know…. A whole week of restaurant meals - with drinks, for free. I told you there was no actual cash about. Worked hard yesterday. Spent no money whatsoever again. Spent quite a lot of time thinking about the future and even looked at the possibility and costs of renting a flat if I have to sell this place. I was being practical.

In the afternoon someone I know REALLY let me down over something - totally wasted my time, serves me right for continually being nice to people and letting them walk all over me - a terrible habit I must get out of. After that, I was in a pretty grim mood - then one of my friends managed to drag me out for a drink at an art event. Pleasant enough evening, saw a few people I knew - had a conversation with the man who wrote the saxophone solo for the Hazel O’Conner track ‘Breaking Glass’ - his son has Downs but is an acclaimed artist and a really lovely chap - he has a show in a couple of weeks I’m going to. Had another conversation with a bloke who is always drunk but has just sold the jingle to a Whiskey commercial for more money than my house is worth, he was very drunk and suddenly he has a new girlfriend - I’ve met her before. Girls like that used to have a very particular name.

Came home and had a sulk and slept really badly. 


I’d already arranged to work at home today - the weather is beautiful. Started early -  the post came. A cable I’d bought for the computer speakers arrived, it didn’t fit. I’m OK with that - it was only 99p. I had 2 other letters. One from my bank berating me for bouncing a direct debit last week - the other was from the same bank - offering me a settlement on the PPI I paid on an old credit card.

I wasn’t really expecting anything - but it’s basically enough money to sort me out for 6 months. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I shouldn’t get too excited - it was my money, after all - and they technically stole it from me - and I really, really needed it. Once it arrives and I’ve paid the fees I can do some practical things like pay the Council tax and studio for a year - get out of my phone contract and do some emergency repairs to the house - I’ll be able to manage over the summer when it’s usually really quiet and get out and drum up some more work - and I’ll probably be able to have a decent nights sleep for the first time in… well… about a year.

I’ve just read that both Ron Moody and Christopher Lee have died. That’s intensely sad.


Anne Roy said...

Excellent news about the PPI dosh ...will make for a brighter summer.

Letterslive said...

Lovely to hear that you have had some good news! (Don't forget to put some of the money on one side to pay the tax due on any interest that was included in the payout.)
Best wishes, Fran.

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Steerforth said...

I've been saved by Aldi recently, who've reduced my food shopping bill by 40%, but I keep wondering when I'm going to hit the wall. Does the Society for Distressed Gentlefolk still exist?

Good news about the PPI.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone for the good wished. I'll probably write about this some point soon, but I pretty much came within 24 hours of hitting the wall myself here - despite being busier at work than ever. It was a very stressful time. And yes, Aldi has been a life saver.

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