Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Started well, now it's like October. 9.30am and I wish I'd work a jacket.

In the studio until 3.30pm and then I have to deliver something. First thing this morning I have to go through YET ANOTHER round of amends on some work that has already surpassed it's fixed timescale and is losing me money - because both the people I'm working with and the people they are working with are so badly organised. Let's just change one thing at a time rather than sitting down and doing it properly. The longer it takes - the longer it takes me to get paid, the less money I earn.

Still reeling after the farce yesterday. Getting a client is hard enough, having them mugged on the doorstep is just absurd. Apparently a group of street drinkers decided to get involved and after a tussle he escaped with her bag - but it just descended into a nasty farce after that once the police arrived. I have to speak to her later - I'll probably get the whole story then.

I may have sold my 'posh' bike. I don't really need two bikes - I wish I did, it's a lovely bike but must go - I keep falling over it. I actually have to take it home, clean and service it, adjust the seat and then deliver it to someone who may change their mind and still has not agreed a price - it's another thing that's doomed to fail.

Watched the Apple Expo last night - actually found it really dull, the self-curated news service sounds great - but it's what twitter already does without the attractive interface. The danger is that by self-curating, you are actually self-editing. News and content providers already create dumbed down content for phones - it will just get worse. There was some study after the election that one of the reasons people were so incredulous that the tories won, was because by self-curating their news feed - i.e. only seeing things we want to see - we don't notice half of what's happening around us. Our facebook pages are engineered to only tell us and show us what we want, we're oblivious to everything else. Combined with the rather pitiful writing and lack of integrity most content providers present their work on the web - It's not looking good. If 9/11 were to happen now - the Independent would send out a tweet 'WTC!WTF? and their front page would be a large photograph of the flames and the headline "So, this just happened...."

The music thing they announced is for another consumer entirely. I barely use my iPhone in the way it's designed. In fact - I checked yesterday and my contract ends in November - I may try and get out of it earlier and just go back to pay As You Go - it will be a lot cheaper. It's just another monthly bill and I could easily live without it - I am never away from a computer anyway.

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