Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Really hot day - too hot for me. Worked at home, the dogs spend all day going out into the garden, lying down for a while, and then coming back in - hot and upset - as if it was something I'd done to them.

Work seems to be OK at the moment - quite a bit of stuff coming up. Just getting my head into te right 'place'. I have two meals to attend tomorrow - lunch and evening - so it's basically a whole day written off.

Later today someone from the RSPCA is coming to collect a carrier bag of small change - I do it every year, all my copper and small silver goes into a big tub and I just hand it over. I've not actually used the stuff in years - I try to pay for everything with  a card if possible so I can pore over my bank statements and fret.

Being at home on a hot day has advantages - washed the dog duvets. Rock and roll.

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