Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sunday PM

Well, that was exciting. paid my electricity bill, my water rates, my council tax up until the end of the year, a (tiny) bit off my mortgage, (about 1%), the rent on my studio for 6 months, some of my tax bill and I paid off my mobile phone contract so I can go PAYG. Roughly reducing my outgoings by about £300pcm. That will make the most phenomenal difference to my life. I feel a bit more in control now. I've taken a few things off eBay that I honestly didn't want to sell and to my surprise - someone paid an invoice early.

I'm in a very difference place to a week ago. I'm quite a practical person, I'd rather jump before I'm pushed and I had already started looking at how much a flat would cost to rent if I sold the house - where to live, how to change the business, stuff like that. I'm still going to be living under the poverty line but I've always been very good with money - it's no big deal for me. I don't miss anything I had to sell and the house is a lot easier to navigate with less junk. I have plenty of work on, but I still need to find ways to turn the work situation around - at least I'm no longer paralysed by fear - because that's exactly what the last 6 months have been like.

There are not going to be any little treats or splurges - I bought a packet of gel pens in WHSmiths yesterday and the price made me choke on angry, hot tears. I did a good shop of basics in Aldi this morning and I'll be stocking up on bargain talc, toothpaste, insoles, socks and underwear at some point this week. I still need to find money for the house, still owe the revenue, still need to make work pay better and still need to cheer up a bit - but I'm not feeling like it's all over anymore.

Lots of work to do tomorrow, might go in very early and finish early - I have to go to a lunch thing (it's free) and will possibly finish early. I did think about going to the cinema this week - but it's about £14, and there is no way I'm pissing that much money away on a film I can't take home with me.

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