Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Yesterday I went to Brighton at short notice to spend a couple of hours with a client - because it’s always easier than email. The train journeys there and back were horrible. On the way there, a large worm like creature was comfortably wandering about on an adjacent chair - or it could have been a centipede - I didn’t get that close. The journey home took nearly two hours, standing all the way. Wasn’t even rush hour. Today i went in early and did a phenomenal amount of not very interesting but very difficult and repetitive work. managed to complete everything and have come home to watch the back end of ‘Sink The Bismarck’.

Managed to fix my glasses with a 99p pair of pliers and a single paperclip. Saved myself £300. Took about 30 seconds. It’s actually a better repair than the original hinge.

Am very tied, Today is the end of my 2014/15 tax year and the start of 2015/16. Good riddance. I’ll file my accounts over the weekend Can only really hope to ‘look up’

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Anne Roy said...

You have not posted in over a week ... everything all right there?

dedicated reader in Cambridge (the Cambs U.K. one)

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