Monday, 30 March 2015

Over-long weekend

I was feeling better over the weekend - but today had a relapse and came home from work at about 3pm and went to bed -not so much ill, just really, really tired and out of sorts.

I had a really busy weekend, this was supposed to include a trip to the theatre, which I'd booked about 6 months ago, and a weekend in a 4 star hotel in London judging a student competition that was scheduled later - I ended up being unable to do either - being stuck at home dealing with crap that isn't worth repeating on here but has left me washed out and very bad tempered.

I thought I'd lost both my glasses and my 2nd best watch - turns out I'd just put them in a box with some computer cables (why???). I had a bad feeling I'd taken them to the charity shop by mistake.

I've been able to do a huge amount of spring cleaning over the weekend in between traumas - house is almost minimalist (joke). I'm getting really tired of people emailing me to ask if they can buy something 'off list' on ebay with a sob story and I'm at the point where I've realised I'm developing OCD when it comes to wrapping things. I'm bound to get complaints.
The coverage of the French Alps plane crash has been nothing less than disgusting, stigmatising people with depression and just forcing them to hide it ever deeper. I've know many people with mental health issues and depression - not one of them has ever considered harming anyone but themselves. I have no idea what happened on that plane. Neither has anyone else.

Someone is coming round later t pick up a big box of fat balls - I have once again given up trying to encourage small birds in my garden.

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