Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Tuesday PM

I came home after lunch and went to bed - slept for about 4 hours. Now feel worse. I'll take the day off tomorrow. Anything I need to do can be done from here. I feel really dreadful - I'm not a very good patient and I hate being ill - times like this I'm glad I live alone.

I've just had to pay phsycho woman from ebay £30 to go away and leave me alone. It's been torture.

I was woken earlier by the sound of a baby crying next door - their bathroom is next to my bedroom and it was very quiet, and a very loud baby. I have a bad feeling that once again she's been able to get pregnant and give birth without me even noticing. I should really pay more attention. This is a disaster for me - they now seem to have 3 children in a tiny house with a bedroom and a box room and will want to move - which means I'll be under pressure to fix my roof sooner rather than later. I'm dreading that.

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