Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Last night was 'Fat Tuesday' - yet another legendary Hastings piss up. Every pub had live music, the town was full of drunken revellers in random costume - and I found myself helping to man a set up projecting a film on a giant wall at the side of a pub. Big chunks of the footage were out-takes from the Derek Jarman directed video for 'The Queen Is Dead' but The Smiths (My mate Richard shot the footage) and there were a number of scenes from 'The Blue Angel' with Marlene Dietrich. It sounds rubbish but worked really well. One of the windows of a local bar collapsed for no reason, sending screaming girls with flowers in their hair running up and down the street. How we laughed.

I have to set up a photoshoot this week for a massive number of pink girls accessories, finish a couple of really tricky jobs I've been avoiding and plan some more financial stuff - I have an appointment with an accountant to discuss changing my status from Sole Trader to Limited Company, but I also need to be really careful about the implications when it comes to re-mortgaging. My head is spinning.

I think the dogs may have had a fight or something yesterday while I was at work. That's really worrying me.

I left work early today and came home, I didn't actually feel very well for some reason, but I'm OK now - as it was a staggeringly lovely day - I walked along the seafront - loads of people sitting on the beach looking out at the calm sea and blue sky - basking in the sunshine and unseasonable warmth. Popped into the Jerwood Gallery and saw the new exhibition of Chantal Joffe paintings - better than I expected, and they have had a re-hang - some great work on show now. All made me feel better. I declined to buy a really large mirror with a good frame for £2.50 from the Hospice charity shop - I already regret my decision.

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