Monday, 16 February 2015


Work early - quite foggy. Have to leave at 4.30pm, have a friend from Brighton working in Hastings and I've agreed to meet up later for a coffee.

Spent the weekend being practical - this includes more garden clearance and general tidying - looks a lot better now. Filling in the holes dug by the dogs, quite time-consuming, and general house stuff. I also cut and fitted a 2 inch hardwood base into the Chesterfield, as the dogs have a habit of trying to dig through it. Let's see how the manage against that.

Yesterday was a friends birthday and I agreed to meet them in town for a lunch with her partner. It has been a fairly busy weekend in Hastings, ANOTHER festival - this one being the 'Fat Tuesday' Mardi Grass with costumes, parades and a giant party. Sunday had another parade and there was a lot of live music - this continues until the 'actual' Tuesday - when it will be multiple bands playing all day all over town. How anyone ever gets any work done - I don't know. It was also a staggeringly nice day - with actual sunshine. We met up on the seafront, went for a couple of drinks - including in the 'Crown' which is now refurbished and full of trendy London types - then on to a brasserie for lunch. I had vegetable paella - which was actually just vegetable risotto presented badly. I only spent about £30 all day but I actually resent spending anything at the moment, so I had to grit my teeth. Later we went to a pub called 'The Carlisle' - which is essentially a heavy metal / punk bar with two large stages and constant live music. It's painted purple and may look a bit shabby, but it's well maintained and popular with bikers and the young. It's EXACTLY like any music venue in South London back in the 1980's - when people could still afford to live there, very friendly and full of X-punks and middle-aged men in leather jackets. Part of its appeal is that it has ample parking outside for motorbikes. In the space of an hour over 2 rooms I saw 4 bands - all of them quite passable. After that - at about 5pm, I was able to go home - eat the vegetable soup I'd already prepared and watch a couple of films before bed time.

This week is looking wobbly already - not absolutely sure how it will pan out yet, just need to keep on top of things. Heard this morning that someone I used to be very friendly with has had a stroke and is in hospital - we fell out badly because of their unacceptable behaviour to someone else. They are quite well know - so it will be something people want to talk about. I don't.

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