Friday, 20 February 2015


I came into work early - despite the rain. It's rained since about 5pm yesterday and I'm constantly surprised by how much capacity a greyhounds bladder has.

Last night - for some unknown reason and probably because I was bored and it was dark and wet - I ended up watching snippets of Eastenders 'live' special. I did manage to watch a film about giant spiders attacking New York at the same time. I really don't understand the attraction of soap opera, especially one like Eastenders which just seems to be an orgiastic 'snuff movie' and exercise in misery and control. Apparently - piecing together the bit I saw and from reports in the papers - A man killed his brother, an old woman killed her son and a small child murdered his sister - and there was a brassy hard-faced blonde wandering about with a gun, who has also killed someone in the past and gone to prison for child abduction. Nobody seems to understand that a 3/4 bed Victorian terrace in East London on a garden square is probably worth the best part of a million, and they all live in squalor. For some reason every one of the odd occasions I have seen Eastenders, someone has been killed. I assume it must happen every episode. I do remember once catching the last few moments and watching Martine McCutcheon die on the street in front of me. It's pretty obscene, really. What do people get out of it?

I have a client coming over later and I have to work over the weekend because I'm shooting and it would be disruptive to everyone else if I did it today. I don't mind - I had nothing planned.

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Clive said...

East Enders is stuck in a time warp of its own making. The original square still exists but the Queen Elizabeth pub has been converted into apartments and the whole area has been gentrified beyond comprehension.

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