Thursday, 22 January 2015



I am waiting for a client to call so I can have a detailed and difficult conversation about something they have done wrong - yeah... REALLY looking forward to that one. Also another call about a difficult piece of work that's going to end up as a phenomenal ego clash very quickly.

Last night I watched the drama /doc about the broadcast of the Eichmann trial - I really enjoyed it, I thought it was phenomenal television and very well acted, written, produced and directed. It was beautifully paced and pitched. Of course, most of the reviews I read hated it - with most critics going to great lengths to say why they thought it was wrong and how they would have done it. That's pretty much what I've always suspected about critics, frustrated at their own lack of success they bash anyone else's and just wrap it up in big words to try and make it sound clever. - which leads me to...

Woolf Hall

Loved it, really great piece of television drama. Beautifully paced, didn't feel as if it had been chopped up into tiny parcels of 10 min so that the overseas sales could accommodate advertising, wonderful acting and casting, characters actually seemed to be thinking about what they were saying rather than rattling it all off like amateur dramatics and bad Shakespear, and I loved the sound of birdsong all the way through - London was a collection of villages after all - it felt just right. I thought the domestic scenes were natural and believable, and the controlled pace matched a world without instant communication or the printed word - messages from 'the emperor' would have taken weeks, it felt just right. Of course - according to the critics, I'm totally wrong about everything.

It's colder inside this house than it is outside. That happens about half way through the winter - and it takes half the summer to warm up again. Never buy a north facing house.

Tomorrow I'll be in-house helping put together a proposal and talking through some potential work - I'm not feeling very optimistic about it.

Page Three.

Told you so.

Seriously - don't know what they are thinking, massively pissing off the whole media, including their News International stablemates and making a lot of people look foolish, inciting the fury all the activists who thought they had actually won, and backing away from something that had received pretty much universal praise. The Sun is a nasty rag - always was, always will be.

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