Monday, 26 January 2015


Slightly warmer today - due to get colder. The weekend, Saturday in particular, was immeasurably improved by a big increase in sunlight, and an equal improvement in my mood, actually found myself feeling quite happy for a change.

Worked on Friday - only went in for a 10 minute meeting in the morning and was there until 9pm, and all day Sunday - putting together a pitch for a job in Europe that we probably won't get - and is being paid in Euros - which, after today's Greek Election result, will probably crash to junk status and we'll end up paying them for the privilege of working for them.

I'm in the office now - waiting to go to a meeting later (more painful attempts to procure work) and then working on a couple of random things - possibly until quite late, and possibly at home.

Last week I was lucky enough to catch the film Headhunters on iPlayer - Norwegian thriller set in the worlds of corporate recruitment and art theft - sounds terrible, but it's FANTASTIC, the kind of film Hollywood doesn't have the balls or brains to produce - as they assume we are all too stupid to follow even the most basic plot. If you like 'The Usual Suspects', David Fincher's 'The Game' or the clever double cross of Fight Club - you will enjoy this - here's a link to the iPlayer stream.

Also watched 'Night Must Fall' on C4 - the film about the documentary made after the liberation of the concentration camps that was deemed impossible to show at the time. Deeply upsetting and humbling stuff.

Finally got round to taking the Xmas lights down - left me with a dead, hollow feeling - 2015 looks rubbish, have had exactly the same conversation with a host of people in my industry who are at the point of giving up and walking away while they still can. I'm clinging on with my fingertips.

Cut all my hair off at the weekend, got bored with waiting for the barber to be open when I needed it. I actually feel a bit sorry for him, a new barbers is about to open directly opposite him, with quite a bit more investment - he'll be able to stand in the window watching people pile into his competitors. Not a great feeling.

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