Friday, 2 January 2015

Friday - January the....something.

Finally got round to watching 'Under the Skin' last night - and loved it. Loved it so much I went out and bought the book today - which I'm reliably informed is quite different and much better. I thought it was a really inventive, engaging and brave piece of cinema - not to everyone's taste - lack of a traditional narrative won't please most people and it was incredibly subtle - but I was entranced, and a beet creeped out. Many of the cast were non-actors - the best performance, the 'bad' man at the end who assaults the girl, coming from someone who just happened to own the land they were filming on - and the disfigured boy (in reality - a young disability activist with severe neurofibromatosis) was astonishing, I read later that he also created most of his own dialogue. The bit where you see him pinching his own skin to make sure he isn't dreaming is heartbreaking.

Managed to get into town today - clear, crisp, not too cold. Also took time to have another last look at the Chapman Brothers exhibition before it closes at the end of the week - gallery was packed to the doors.

Most of my neighbours have taken down their xmas trees, but not their lights - many of them will stay up until at least Easter.

The police have arrested, and later bailed 4 young men after the fatal accident on New Years day - all charged with a combination of drink, drugs, driving, theft and hit-and-run offences.

Saw someone I used to work with when I was in my 20's earlier today - she hasn't aged at all - that's actually quite creepy.

Spring cleaning over the weekend - forgot it was Friday today, I want to be ready to arrive at work early on Monday - then it's all downhill. I have an invoice to write and some paper shuffling to catch up on - work-wise, still in limbo.
I bought some cheap secateurs today to trim down the bay tree in front of my house - but looks like it's going to pour down all day tomorrow. The wind last night was phenomenal.

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