Sunday, 9 November 2014


It's remembrance Sunday - good article in one of the papers that reminds us it's not a religious C of E event - it's bigger than that. Much bigger.

There is a very large old school map on the wall behind my dsk  it's of Belgium and the Netherlands - probably from about 1940 - it's actually printed in Germany - I only noticed today that directly behind the computer is a town called Wormhoudt, it's an odd name and I looked it up - thinking it might be french German for 'Wormwood' - which would have been interesting enough - but actually, it's this.

Watched Dr Who last night - thought it was a bit of a jumble, but Michele Gomez was pretty fantastic - she really needs to come back. One good point in a review I read earlier today - all the voices clamouring for a female doctor - you can't just demand a gender for the role - it has to be the right performer, and last night, in a way - Clara 'was' the Dr - much more than he was - and as Michelle Gomez as The Master was better than any man could be. Not that they are real people or anything... it's just a TV show about space aliens.

The rain has stopped, it's brighter - which just serves to show how much dog hair has collected in the house in just 7 days - I'll take care of it shortly.

Worked all day yesterday - very slowly and with limited success, I'll review it later. A client sent me a load of work on Friday that needs copy editing, re-setting and artworking for print tomorrow. They just sent me screenshots of the text at low res - it's typical. People wonder why I get stressed - I'm now nearly half blind from squinting at the scree and re-writing over and over.

I've started puling out the books I'm going to attempt to read over xmas.. did the same thing last year. Have not had any time off over tis year - and it's gone really quickly. I've already had an email from a client (8am Sunday Morning) telling what needs doing tomorrow, next week looks really messy already.

Last night - nothing but fireworks, for hours - considering how difficult things are at the moment and how tight money is, and every pop, band, flash and zoom being the sound of a fiver being burnt - I couldn't take any pleasure in it. I also wish that my neighbours - who know I have 2 dogs, would tell me if they are going to have a private firework display in their garden, which mostly consisted of loud bangs.

Off out tonight - I'm going to my local independent cinema to see this which will be introduced by the author, Will Vlautin - who is performing with his band at the De La Warr afterwards - which I'm also going to see. I've been a big fan of his current band, The Delines, and his old band Richmond Fontaine - and love his books - so it's quite a big night out for me.

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