Monday, 10 November 2014

"Hell is other people"

I went out last night, twice - actually 3 times.

I went to see a film (as mentioned) and it was lovely, a great film that just 'worked' - based on a book I loved  and got to meet the author, who is also one of my favourite musicians. later - I went to see him and his band play live to a sold out audience at the De La Warr. in between - caught up with one of my mates in the pub and had a quick drink with him.

This is the trailer for the film I went to see.

On the downside, our local independent cinema is tiny - and you have to suffer your fellow travellers. I took my seat - on my own - with plenty of space around me. A group of 4 couples arrived and decided to sit behind me, to the side of me, and in front of me. I offered to move so that they could all sit together and not have to be stuck in the middle - but they insisted not, they were quite happy to talk through me. The girl behind may have been on a date, every time her spectacularly dull beau spoke she laughed and simpered and laughed. I hope he was worth it. I hadn't realised that the screening was also part of a 'book to screen' style book club. If I'd had more time, I might have stayed - but the girl running the event was strangely hostile and grumpy - her comment 'if you want to stay and join in - please fill in the form that helps develop the series, HOWEVER, if you CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO STAY, pick one up on the way out" really put me off. Perhaps she was just nervous.

I had to get a train to Bexhill, a coupe got on - aged about 20, clearly students, 'ironic' xmas jumpers, he had a trendy beard and horn rims. They were both drunk and on the way back to London, and not happy that there was no toilet - so loudly demanded one. I was only on the rain 9 mins, longest 9 mins of my life.

Concert was great, really loved it. Alternative Country & Western music is my guilty sin. Don't tell anyone.
Went into work early but the broadband was down - the one day when everyone else I knew locally was off work - ended up cycling back home to work in the rain.

Had an email from the bloke who interviewed me about my old job for a TV documentary. They want to film me. Not keen on the idea - I'm spectacularly unphotogenic.

Getting cold in here now.

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