Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday pm.

Cleaned the house yesterday - wasted a bit of time trying to save my failed hard drive and contacted a local engineer who’s going to look at it for me and try and save the content. Lucie - who made the failed drive, seem to have the worst customer care service in the world - their website designed specifically to put you off contacting them, and have apparently lost all record of my product registration. I gave up in the end.  I’m pretty sure I can save the content - I managed to find quite a lot stuff on other drives and have my most recent jobs on my work drive - but most of the last 6 months is missing. I’ll be calling clients and asking for back-ups.

Yesterday was so depressing I did the only reasonable thing possible - and went out for a drink with a friend. It helped. Keeping it really quiet today, I’m going to look at some paperwork later - I have a piece of work in print at the moment I need to chase up on, a paid job that’s turning into a nightmare and 3 unpaid jobs to complete before xmas. I think I may have some more paid work coming up - but not much.  I’m going to have a catch up with another designer this week and talk things through - I did think about something along the lines of a networking group locally - might float that again.

The dogs got into my bedroom and pulled all the foam out of my duvet - it looked like Santa’s Grotto. I needed a new one anyway.

One of the downsides of living at the seaside is the damp - just spent an hour rubbing linseed oil into the doors and furniture - everything goes mouldy here - mostly anything made of wood gets a light dusting of mildew on a regular basis - in particular anything like the area around door handles or where things get touched by my hand. Good thing I like the smell of the oil, and it’s probably good for my hands. Doors and draws regularly get stuck during damp seasons too as the wood swells.

As expected - my hit count on here has gone down to ‘normal’ after I deleted some rogue posts that were attracting robot his - by about 1000 per day.

Dark at 4.30. Bloody depressing.

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