Friday, 14 November 2014

I might change the name of this blog to 'Black Hole'

Seems more appropriate.

I just deleted the strange post from 2011 that gets up to 1000 hits a day - I'm curious to see what happens next. I'll probably get no hits at all.

The work I was supposed to be doing today was cancelled, after I'd managed to get to the studio early in gale force winds and driving rain.

I did a few things, including archiving - I rationalised about 20 years work and brought it home so I could mirror it onto another hard drive. I also brought plenty of work back with me for the weekend, and my accounts. I had a phenomenal headache so didn't start util about 5pm. To my surprise, frustration and utter horror. The very expensive, 3TB, hard drive with the 4mm thick steel bullet proof case, isn't working. Won't even boot up. I'm fucked. It's full of stuff I can't replace.

This weekend looks rubbish already.


Anonymous said...

If it's a USB external drive, it's likely to be the USB to SATA interface. You should be able to unscrew to enclosure, remove the hard drive and connect it to a spare SATA interface on your desktop's motherboard to check if the drive itself will read.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill - have figured that out - but this model appears to be almost impenetrable - I note with some suspicion that Lacie already offer a data recovery service (not free) for this model... none of this will fix my now totally wasted weekend.

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